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© Revised 2018 by Real Estate Co.                             Main- 12001 Old Vine Blvd Suite 105 Lewes, De 19958.                                          Office (302) 645-9800


I will put the focus on you and your family.  I care about what you want to achieve whether it is selling your home, buying a home or investing.  I look to give more than just a professional relationship. My intent is to  to be successful in helping you.

(If you don’t believe me, call me).



Once you’ve made the commitment for me to sell your home and choose me to be your REALTOR® to represent you.  I will establish a list price, that will give you more money, less hassle and in the least amount of time.  As your REALTOR® I will market your property so it sells as quickly as possible.

I will share a marketing plan with you, so that the more you know about the process of selling your home it will be easier for you to support the efforts to get it SOLD!

I Will...


  • Research the market to identify potential buyers to target for direct mail.

  • Reach out to other real estate brokers and agents who work with buyers in your price range.

  • Take excellent photos or hire a professional photographer to showcase your home online with attractive pictures.

  • List your home on the local Multiple Listing Service over 900 sites and make sure it receives maximum exposure on multiple websites.

  • Take a video of your home or produce a virtual tour with numerous photos so your home can be viewed in-depth by 




As a Buyer you want to see a home where you can visualize yourselve living.

Look at lots of houses!  You're not shopping for shoes.  You're going to be pretty much married to this house.  I can't stress enough that you should take your time with your decision.  When home-shopping, the wrong question to ask yourself is, "Is this house acceptable to me/us?"  Instead, find a house that you really love, one that gets you excited when you imagine living there and think of the possibilities.  You're unlikely to find a home you love right away, so unless you find your dream home sooner, give yourself time. If you can't find something perfect, then at that point you can settle for a house that's merely acceptable and that has potential.

Take a camera to every house you visit and take lots of pictures (the first one being the house address, so you know for sure later which house the following pictures are from).  After each visit write down everything you like and dislike about the house, and the neighborhood, in as much detail as you can.  You're going to be looking at lots of houses, and if you don't take pictures and notes then they're all going to start to blur together.

This starts with me knowing what you want and caring about you and your family in our conversation. It may require an substantial amount of preparation before we meet and asking the right questions through the process, rather than improvising responses in calls and emails, meeting face to face is my first suggestion.  When we meet you will be more comfortable with the process and know that I care based on my expertise.
  • I help clients that want to invest 
  • Commercial Lease and purchases
  • Rental settlements in house and mobile home purchases
  • Property Management and more..